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We are a small and unique home that will provide you with a Jewish home living environment geared to those who have Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias. We provide round the clock care for our residents at various care levels. At L’chaim you can enjoy your LIFE while knowing that all your needs are being taken care of, all the while encouraging residents to maintain their independence, continuing to grow intellectually and making new friendships. L’chaim dedicated and devoted professionals strive to provide the best care for each and every resident, we value individuality and understand that each resident is unique. We offer a wide range of activities using a Montessori Approach in an uplifting environment that allows you to live life to its fullest. Here at L’chaim, we don’t just provide care we do care to improve your quality of life; we care with respect, tenderness and compassion. We add life to your years!

Why Us

L'chaim occupies a unique middle ground - a perfect fit for seniors who require special attention for physical and cognitive impairments but who also want to retain their sense of independence and dignity. Our assistant living programs and caring staff allow them to do just that.


Here at L’chaim we offer a unique retirement environment unlike no other. Since L’chaim is a relatively small home we can offer and accommodate all the residents with the best personal care and a home-y atmosphere where no resident feels lonely or over looked. Being leaders in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, L’chaim is always on the forefront of the best practices when it comes to caring for and stimulating each one of our residents.


L'chaim is unique because we care to promote the greatest wellbeing for the residents. We stand by our model of compassion, devotion, dignity and attention to every small detail in our resident's needs and condition. The size of the home allows the residents to access from one place to another without getting lost or getting tired. Our facilities provide for private family functions and also a place where grandchildren and great-grandchildren love to come and visit. L'chaim is a home that stands high above the rest because of its unparalleled atmosphere, warm & caring environment.