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Dining at L'Chaim

At L'chaims's open concept kitchen, the food is always fresh, delicious, and plentiful! Using only the finest fresh *kosher ingredients our chef creates homemade style dishes. Three Kosher-style meals (*Kosher meat and poultry, separate dishes, but no Mashgiach), with afternoon tea and fresh baked goods. All our meals are cooked and prepared fresh daily on the premises.



Assorted fruit juices
Hot and cold cereals
French toast



Variety of fresh home made soups
Assorted souffles
Vegetable pies
Cream cheese & lox
Home-style pancakes
with Cottage cheese & fresh fruits
Fresh salads



Grilled London broil
Tongue in cranberry sauce
Chicken provence with cider roasted vegetables
Honey apple glazed turkey breast
Mango chicken
Fresh salmon in basil sauce

(all main dishes are served  with  a  starch and fresh  vegetable)

A traditional Shabbat dinner is served on Friday nights as well  as a traditional  lunch on Shabbat  day.  All the Jewish  Holidays are celebrated with special Yom Tov meals.